1Lb To 20Lb Propane Refill Adapter


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1Lb To 20Lb, QCC1 Propane Refill Adapter With Gauge And ON-Off Control Valve For 1LB Propane Tanks
90 Degree Design: propane refill adapter with ON/OFF control valve is easy to install. No tools required. With hand-wheel grip for tightening, easily connect your large cylinder to 1LB propane tank.

Refilling propane should be performed by licensed professional. Please follow all recommended safety precautions recommended by manufacturer. acajun.com and it’s affiliates are not responsible for the misuse/use of this product. Please consult a professional regarding whether or not this product is right for you.  How to Refill the Gas: Refill the 1LB camping bottle with propane gas by  turning the large propane tank upside down and place it securely in the corner of the dining table so the liquid can flow out. Use Gauge For Accurate Reading: Specially designed with a gauge at the side connect with 1lb propane tank, our propane refill adapter allows you to read and monitor the gas volume in your 1lb propane cylinder more accurately. Luminous pointer and gas level indicator make it easy to read even in the dark. Do not overcharge tank.

Attention: Because gas is highly flammable, you Must refill your 1lb cylinder tank outside in open air environment. stay away from flames and/or sparks for safety.

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Material: brass

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