Refund and Return Policy

Dear consumer,

We at desire to provide a service that benefits and saves our end users time. We believe time to be the most valuable currency. We spend our time trying to sort out what we feel are good products so that you don’t have to. We strive to make our site as fast and as effecient as possible. If you receive a product that you feel is not worth our time, please provide us feedback so that we can consider removing it from our service. Your feedback is important to us, and will help us to refine our services. This is beneficial to all our customers. For customers who have created an account(a.k.a. “registered users”), we have provided a forum to post and converse amongst each other as well as the admins. This forum is under “The Swamp” tab under the “My Account” menu. Due to spam and other not so pleasant anomolies that plague the internet, the forum is not open to the pulic, and is only available to registered users. Please be advised that due to the on going uncertainty of, and the legal issues created by, the COVID 19 pandemic, our return policy has changed. Return requests will still be reviewed on a case by case basis, however, we are sorry to report that we are no longer accepting returns at this time. The health and safety of our associates and customers remains our top priority. We appreciate our customers’ understanding in this matter. The majority of distributors desire to minimize cross contamination, and as such we try to reduced contact to all goods to an absolute minimum. We are taking every step that we can to provide the best information about any given product or service that we may offer. Please be sure to insure the highest level of scrutiny when making purchases. All sales are final. Refunds will not be issued in most cases. We track the products we offer, and once delivery has been verified by the postmaster/carrier, no refund will be issued. If there is a defect found with a product, please contact the manufacturer for further instructions on how to proceed with the manufacturers warranty. In addition to the advent of COVID 19, and the supply chain issues that have presented themselves as a result, this change is also influenced by the rise in theft and/or scams in what seems to be an ever increasingly difficult economy. From the networks that power ecommerce to the doorsteps that turn our will into a physical tangible reality, we all have a role to play in both accountability and responsability. We at sincerely thank you for your understanding, and we do truly care about our customers experience, but we simply cannot afford to be responsible for the irresponsibility of others, including but not limited too, a global pandemic.

Shipping Policy

All products listed on are shipped for free. It is one of the few things we can do to make things a little easier during such trying times. We ask that you please have patience with us as some supply chains have been greatly impacted during the pandemic. We are only now, at the time of this writing, beginning to see some of the depleting resources that are resulting from it. Many of us have seen the ships sitting outside some ports of harbor for as long as 30 days, or longer. It has come to our attention that the trouble with logistics in some cases are simply the result of the lack of employees which is beyond our control. We are confident that many have seen the “Now Hiring” signs abound as we have. While the topic of logistics is too vast to cover here, due to the aforementioned supply chain issues, we are only shipping to what is commonly referred to as the lower 48 in North America at this time. Orders that are placed from outside the lower 48 states that our system may fail to detect due to VPN’s(virtual private networks) and other similar stealth technologies, will be canceled. Most orders arrive at the doorstep within 7-14 days from date of purchase. However, we have seen some orders take as long as 60 – 90 days depending on supply source and availability. Shipping delays are beyond our control. If in the rare event that for some reason an order cannot be fulfilled, and we are notified by the manufacturer that there will be a delay longer than 90 days before production/delivery can resume, at that time will a refund be considered. If a product is damaged in shipping, please contact the shipping provider for their policy regarding damaged mail, as we have no control or responsibility for packages damaged while in transit.

Thanks again for your patronage and understanding.


Michael Carreras – owner of